We constantly donate to a numbers of different local charities, through our self funding schemes to large vans fulls of goods, we have been doing this for over 10yrs.


We now recycle even more goods which we have been collecting, this also allows us to reduce the costs which was usually imposed on the customer, so we are now saving them money and also they are helping in the recycling of goods which we are involved in,  less trips to the tips for them and less in the skips/ tipping yards/mrf centres for us,


We also help a few local charities out with direct funding and whilst also donating furniture to a local christian centre at Pyle, we also support Sandville respite centre, Ty Hafan and Healing the wounds the PTSD charity , this is very close to our heart as we have a son who had been serving in the afghan conflict.



Donating some lovely goods, to one of our fav charities.

Marianne from CFA receiving the latest donations from steve at sameday4u house clearance team

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